About Us

For many years, the digital industry has been suffocated with endless events that are soap boxes for companies to lecture attendees. Digitech Day intends to offer an intimate experience and provide  the perfect meeting point for leaders at brands, agencies, publishers and tech companies.  The events are held in New York, Berlin and London and will play host to a mix of keynote speakers from leading brands, publishers and agencies to tell their point of view. There will also be sessions where the publishers and brands share their knowledge and views on what they want from technology and technology companies actually prove what value they can add.  

As we all know, GDPR has made it increasingly hard to reach our target audiences. Digitech Day will offer the opportunity for  brands, agencies, publishers and tech partners to connect in person and help improve their knowledge of how technology will help achieve their business goals.

Ultimately, the day will allow publishers, brands and agencies the opportunity to lead the conversation and get a better sense of what the technologies will do for them – without feeling like they’re being pitched at!

There will be a unique take on speed dating with a session called Under The Microscope. During this interactive and engaging session, attendees can grill the tech companies on how their technology helps to solve problems or adds value to businesses. It will also help brands, publishers and agencies get a better feel on what questions they should be asking and what service they should expect from their technology partners.

The Digitech Day will give attendees the opportunity to connect, network and listen to the experts across all sides of the media industry.  

We are looking forward to seeing you there!